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              Meet Our Team

Aline Nader
​"Director/Producer/Dancing Queen" 

A native of Brazil, Aline has been
paving the way for female directors
as well as being an accomplished 
writer and dancer.

Her unique vision and perspective along with her travels around the world backpacking allows her to  create visually
stunning images using 
conceptual ideas and thought provoking stories.

Chad Schollmeyer
High Fidelity Pictures 

Chad was raised in a town of 290 in the middle of Nebraska so his childhood hobby of pretending, led him to pursue

a career in directing.
With over 40 projects under his belt
and the craziest concepts in his mind
Chad has re-invented the art of filmmaking with his humorous take on life.
His storytelling skills are like no other.

Adam Stoller

Bear-Cat as he is known by the female population is  a Texas raised creative who has worked alongside some of the most famous photographers in the fashion world.  This is the guy that holds it together on every shoot.  The go to guy.  If the set was burning down Adam would be the one makeing a n escape ladder out of bra's.  First and Last guy on set everyone needs an Adam on their crew.

Ryan Jenner Francis

Ryan  has been in the industry for over 30 years first as a child actor then becoming a successful Director and Producer.  

Ryan and I were the original Vince and E back in late 90's  and I now have the pleasure of collaborating with soemone I used to watch on tv when I was a kid.  

Christopher Fox​​
​"DP//VFX/Thai Food Lover"

Once spent 22 hours editing non-stop for a deadline with only thai food and monster drinks as nourishment.  

"Fox" as he is most commonly known by in The City Of Angels is a Northern California native with an amazing capacity  to learn information
and store it in his brain until absolutley needed.
His uncanney ability  to make anything on the other side of his camera lens look beautiful is an art on its on and not to mention the most gentle giant you have ever encountered.  

Aaron Pryor
"Photographer/Sound Design/Pizza King"
Pro Tools Certified

A Northern California Native, "AP" quickly
moved up the ranks of the photography 
industry while shooting for Smashbox
and Quixote Studios

He has traveled all over the US with a camera
at his side capturing some of the most
breathtaking images.

Still adding to his skills he has now
ventured into product photography and 
is one of the top event photographers in
​the city.

Rica Dee

Rica Dee is a licensed  esthetician and make-up artist who has worked on over a hundred  music videos, photoshoots, and feature films and has worked with Queen Latifah, BET, and Discovery Channel. She specializes in special effect and prosthetic make-up design

Juliana  Charao

After moving to Los Angeles
for only 2 years 
Ju Charao has managed to successfully solidify herself
as one of the top female
photographers in Los Angeles.
With stunning portraits as well
as product and nature phtoography  we are 
privialeged to have such an
amazing artist on our team.


Los Angeles based artist, photographer, film maker, illustrator, painter and manipulator of digital mediums. Lucas graduated from the Art Institute of California - Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science degree in early 2006.

He has worked with some of the brightest and highly dedicated individuals working in Hollywood. Through out the last ten years he's worked on numerous television campaings, movie trailers, video game trailers, music videos and theatrical films including Transformers age of extinction, Terminator Genisys, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Avengers and Westworld.

This guy will take the Pepsi Challenge
with any VFX guy in the business.